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Auto Injury Treatment – 7 Things You Must Do If You Are In A Car Accident In Fort Collins – Square ONE

What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

Stay Calm:  Do not argue and only state the facts.

Call 911 for medical assistance and law enforcement.  If there are

Call 911for medical assistance and law enforcement
Call 911 for medical assistance and law enforcement.

injuries provide aid but do not move anyone unless you have medical or lifesaving expertise.  Upon the arrival of law enforcement get the officers information.

Stay Safe:  

If there are no serious injures try to move the vehicles to the side of the road out of the way of oncoming traffic.  If a vehicle cannot be moved, or there are serious injuries, turn on the hazardous signals. Be sure to turn off you engine.

Exchange Information: 

Exchange information from the other driver including:  Name, Address, Phone Number, Drivers License and Insurance Information.  If the drivers name is not the name on the insurance car write down the relationship of the driver and the insured. Tip:  You can use your cell phone to take pictures of persons drivers license, insurance card and license plate.

Document And Photograph The Accident:  

Use your cell phone to take pictures of the accident scene & damage to the different vehicles.  Also take pictures of any injuries.  If there are any witnesses get their contact information.  Take detailed notes about the accident.

File An Accident Report:  

In many locations law enforcement may not respond.  You should always file an accident report which is available at a police station and often downloadable from the DMV website.  In some states it is the law to file a report.

Contact The Professionals:  

  1. Call your insurance company to report the accident.
  2. Schedule a chiropractic consultation to determine if you have any injuries from the crash.  Not all health care professional are trained to detect and treat injuries related to car crashes.  Be sure to go to a chiropractic with advanced training in diagnosing and treating injure related to car crashes.
  3. Have your vehicle inspected and repaired by a respected auto body shop.

Following these tips will help you effectively recover form damages related to a car crash.

If you have been in a car crash or fender bender call Square ONE at 970-207-4463 to get a FREE auto accident consultation.

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Commonly Missed Whiplash Injuries – Square ONE Auto – Injury Clinic

Whiplash Is Not A Diagnosis

Whiplash is not a diagnosis, it’s a mechanism of injury.  To say someone has “whiplash” would be like saying someone has “twisted my knee”.  Whiplash associated disorder is a better term but still does not clearly define exactly what the injury is.

Flexion / Extension X-rays

In our office we frequently get patients that have been evaluated in other facilities after being in a motor vehicle collisions and unfortuantly the vast majority of them did not received even the most basic evaluation for whiplash traumas.  To be honest as I write this I can not even recall the last time a patient has come into our office after being evaluated in another clinic following a motor vehicle collision and had actually received the proper test at the previous clinic.  Many injuries do not occur with the spine the normal neutral position, they occur when the spine is flexed, extended, rotated, bent, ect at end ranges of motion.  An example of this in an whiplash trauma would be injuries that occur when the head is fully flexed or extended.  The only way to find these injuries would be to take an x-ray with the patient flexing and extending his/her head.

To learn about some of the simple test that should be done to determine if someone has injuries from a whiplash trauma watch the following video.

If you have been in motor vehicle crash or know someone who has give our office a call for a FREE consultation, 970-207-4463.

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What you need to know if you are in an auto accident.

3 Things You Should Know If You Have Been In An Auto Accident

  1. You may have little damage to your car and still have a whiplash injury.
  2. You may have an injury and have no symptoms.  Many time symptoms do not occur for a few days after an auto accident.
  3. In Colorado Med Pay pays for medical expenses from regardless of who is at fault.

Medical doctor, Rene Cailliet reported:

  • “low-speed impact with minimal or no damage to the impacted vehicle can and does cause significant musculoskeletal injury to the driver’s or occupant’s head and neck.”
  • “In many instances, a person experiences whiplash after a vehicle accident that has caused little significant damage to either vehicle.”

What is Whiplash?

When the head is suddenly jerked back and forth beyond its normal limits, the muscles and ligaments support the

head and spine can be stretched or torn.  The soft discs between spinal bones can bulge, tear, or rupture.  Vertebrae can be forced out of their normal position, reducing range of motion.

Most Auto related whiplash injures occur when a car is stopped and occupants are unaw

are that they are about to be hit from the side or from behind.

Whiplash can also occur from sporting accidents, slips, falls, or other head collisions.

Symptoms of Whiplash

A common result of whiplash is the loss of the normal forward curve in the neck which leads to joint instability, neurological problems and spinal degeneration.  Many times symptoms from a whiplash injury do not begin for several days or you may not have symptoms at all.  Anyone experiencing any of theses symptoms should be evaluated immediately by a professional trained in spinal curve corrective work.

A loss of a neck curve is related to pain after Whiplash

  • Abnormal neck curves are more common in patients with poor outcomes.
  • Loss of cervical curve is very common in patients with cerebral symptoms due to whiplash.
  • Reversal of the cervical curve is associated with future disability after whiplash.
  • Whiplash injuries do indeed cause reversals and other changes in the cervical curves.


NORMAL                         WHIPLASH

Colorado Auto Accident Insurance Coverage

In the state of Colorado your auto insurance is has Medical Payment Coverage (Med Pay) that pays for reasonable expenses you and your passengers incur because of injury in a motor vehicle accident, regardless of fault.  Med pay does cover chiropractic and massage treatments.  The vast majority of auto insurance companies in Colorado offer Medical Payment for auto accidents unless you opted out of that benefit.  Any medial office can tell you your medical benefits.


If you know or hear of anyone who has been in an auto accident have them call our office to schedule an exam to see if they have suffered a whiplash injury.

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