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Fort Collins Neck Pain Doctor Show 3 Simple Stretches To Relieve Neck Pain

3 Simple Stretches For Neck Pain Relief

Do you have chronic neck pain and tension from sitting all day staring at a computer or doing desk work?  Do you frequently look down while texting, getting what is know as text neck.  Regularly doing activities involving looking down or staring at a computer puts extra stress and tension on the posterior muscles of the neck and upper back.  The average head weight 8-12 lbs, that about the same weight of a bowling ball.  Thin how much harder it is to hold a bowling ball away from your body compared to holding close.  That the same thing that happens to the muscles in the upper back an neck when you look down and your head creeps forward.

In this short video I demonstrate 3 simple stretches you can do throughout the day to help relieve chronic neck and upper back pain and tension.  I recommend doing these every 1-2 hours.

Please keep in mind these will not correct the cause of the actual pain but they will provide some relief.

These stretches are designed to provide some relief from chronic neck tension but they are not designed to correct the actual cause of the problem.  To learn more about the most common causes of neck and back pain click here.

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Full Video Transcript

Hi. This is Dr. Chris Gubbels with the Square ONE tip of the week. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be giving a few things that focus on things you can do for neck pain. One of the biggest causes of neck pain is lack of mobility, or stiffness.

Today I’m going to go over some simple stretches you can do throughout the day to increase your overall mobility and range of motion. We’re going to target three different areas. We’re going to work on the muscles in the front, the muscles in the side, and the muscles in the back.

One of the first things that we’re going to do is, you have these muscles that go from your skull all the way down to your shoulder blade. They’re called your levators, and we’re going to work on stretching those first.

To do that, take your nose at a 45 degree angle. Pull it down like so. You should feel this stretching right in… And it should go from your skull all the way down to your shoulder blade. You want to do that about 30-45 seconds. Do your right side, and then go over to your left. You’ll feel that stretching right in here.

After you do that, we want to stretch the muscles on the side. To do that, let this side drape. If you’re sitting down, you can actually grab on the bottom of your chair, and you’re going to keep your nose straight, so don’t turn like this. Just pull straight to the side. You’ll feel that stretching from your skull all the way down into your shoulder. You would do one side, and then follow and do the other side. Notice I just let my arm drop down to get a nice stretch.

Now, to work on your range of motion here, a nice one is to take your head and turn it as far as you can to the right and then over to the left. You really want your chin and nose to eventually get close to your shoulder. You can just take your hand and pull a little bit and induce a little stretch right there. I would do both sides for about 30-45 seconds.

To stretch these muscles in the front.. when you head goes forward like this, when you’re working on computers, these muscles get very short the tight. A nice way to stretch those is to look up and back like so. Feel a little stretch. Take your chin here in your hand, and just give it a little assistance. You should feel everything in here getting a nice pull.

Once or twice throughout the day, take a minute just to get more mobility, more range of motion. Stretching those muscles is one of the more effective things you can do just to relieve overall neck pain and tension in your upper neck and upper back.