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Fort Collins Scoliosis Doctor Shows 5 Ways To Check For Scoliosis

5 Ways To Screen For Scoliosis

5 ways tocheck forscoliosis

Do you know that scoliosis effects:

  • 2-3% of kids
  • 9% of adults over 40yo
  • 30% of adults over 60yo
  • 90% of adults over 90yo

The Scoliosis Research Society released a position statement in 2015 stating that all girls should be screening for scoliosis at ages 10 & 12yo and all boys at ages 13-14yo.

Research has shown that scoliosis screens lead to early detection and early detection leads to earlier interventions and better results…or less surgeries.

Watch this video where I explain 5 things to check for to see if you or people you know (your kids) may have scoliosis.

If you think you or your family may have scoliosis and/or you would like to schedule a FREE scoliosis check call 970-207-4463 or Click Here.

By Dr Chris Gubbels

Back Pain Treatment In Fort Collins

Back Pain Patient Gets Success With Chiropractic BioPhysics

Nick came to our office after meeting our team at a health fair.  He had been to other chiropractors and tried other methods to help him with his low back pain with little success.  After meeting our team and doing some research he decided to see what we could do to help him at Square ONE.  After doing a consultation and exam with Nick, we found exactly what what causing is low back pain and sciatica and developed a custom treatment plan to not only get him out of pain but to address and correct what was actually causing the pain to provide him with a long term solution not just a temporary quick fix.

Don’t take my word, here from Nick himself

If you are like Nick and have tried other chiropractors or methods with little or temporary success.  Give us call and ask for a FREE consultation to see if we can help you.  Call 970-207-4463.



Fort Collins Auto Accident Chiropractor Gets Amazing Results – Whiplash – Square ONE

Advanced Treatment For Whiplash Injuries

Fort Collins auto accident chiropractor, Dr Chris Gubbels, walks you through a what a typical treatment looks like for someone who has sustained a whiplash injury, resulting in a loss of the normal cervical curve.

Watch this quick video to see a typical treatment for whiplash related neck injury.  In this video we are showing a treatment for loss or reversal of a normal cervical curve.

These are pre and post x-rays after a series of treatments.  The green line represents the normal cervical curve alignment, the red line is the actual patient’s alignment.  You can see the initial date was July 8th and the 2nd x-ray was take on 10/7.

Before Treatment After Treatment
 Before Treatment                                                                        After Treatment

If you’ve been in a car crash, suffered a whiplash injury or are suffering form another health problem such as headaches, neck  pain or pain give our office a call at 970-207-4463 for a FREE consultation.  To learn more about Square ONE and car crash injuries visit

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