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Welcome to whole-body care and same-day appointments at Square One in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you’re suffering from an auto injury, muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches, and more, you’ve found the right place!

At Square One, our patients and their pain relief come first. Dr Chris Gubbels is the only certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioner in Fort Collins. He’s helped patients with neck and back pain, scoliosis, and chronic pain live a happier, healthier life.

It’s your turn! From weight loss to pain relief to scoliosis corrective care, Dr. Gubbels will create a care plan that’s as individual as your own health issues.

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Our Fort Collins Chiropractor Dr. Chris Gubbels would like to personally welcome you to Square ONE. We invite you to learn more about Square ONE and our unique ability to help you heal with chiropractic care, symptom relief and advanced scoliosis treatment and scolibrace.

Call us at any time or walk in to schedule a free consultation.

Expert Chiropractic Care

Natural chiropractic care prevents needless pain, suffering, medication, and surgery. These are the solutions that traditional medicine offers – remedies that only hide the real problem. At Square One, we get to the root cause of your problem without using invasive solutions that you don’t want.

Our bodies often feel the toll of injury from repetitive work behaviors, such as lifting, hammering, and sitting at a computer. Your body was never meant to do any of these things on a regular basis. So Dr. Gubbels’ chiropractic care approach focuses first on how your painful condition began. Then he spends time with you to determine how to reduce those unhealthy habits so you can get back to better health.

At Square One, you’ll get the highest quality of care with the most modern techniques and equipment. Most chiropractic doctors utilize traditional or standard methods of treatment to restore alignment to your spine and alleviate painful conditions. While those methods are certainly satisfactory, Dr. Gubbels focuses on biomechanics and spinal rehab to take pain identification and healing even further. No more covering up symptoms, no more medical cocktails, and no more invasive procedures. We promise.

Chronic Pain Relief

Say good-bye to standardized care.

Certified specialists. Modern diagnostics. Cutting-edge treatment.  At Square ONE, we combine years of expertise to help patients like you. You’ll get the most extensive care plan and individual pain relief solutions. Because no two people are alike, no two pain relief plans are the same.

Patients at Square ONE have experienced significant, long-term pain relief from numerous chiropractic conditions. If you’re suffering from chronic pain symptoms, we want you to know that there is an answer. Many chronic pain conditions can be traced directly to weakened or tensed muscles or improper stress on your spine.

If you’re suffering from chronic joint pain, neck or back pain, muscular pain or any other chronic pain condition, Square One is your best option for treating pain in the northern Colorado area. Contact your Fort Collins pain specialists today and find out how you can start living a better life with less pain.

Your pain relief is just a call away. Just click on the box to the right or pick up the phone to get started today!

NEW Scoliosis Treatment

Great news! Dr. Gubbels works with world-renowned leaders in scoliosis diagnosis and care: ScoliCare (Scoliosis Institute) in Sydney, Australia, and the Ideal Spine Center in Boise, Idaho. So we’ve brought the latest in scoliosis treatment and care straight from worldwide experts to our patients in northern Colorado.

We’ve introduced ScoliBrace to the Fort Collins area with amazing results! With a customized brace created from digital scans of your body, we are able to get excellent correction for many scoliosis conditions. After many years of suffering with scoliosis, our patients are rediscovering the freedom to enjoy life and everyday activities again – pain free!

Every Square One patient who suffers from scoliosis receives one-on-one specialized attention from Dr. Gubbels, who also consults with leading experts in both Idaho and Australia. We’re here to help you take control of your scoliosis diagnosis and take your care even further.

You’ll get high-level testing with modern equipment and techniques, added healing therapy, and enhanced individual care.

Natural Medical Weight Loss

Did you know… You can improve your overall all health and wellness AND lose up to 2-5 pounds per week! We offer Fort Collins weight loss programs  that are fast, effective, and easy to follow.

Square ONE patients have lost, on average, 2 to 5 pounds of fat each week. And this natural weight loss occurs while maintaining lean muscle mass. It’s incredible! Our patients have lost pounds, inches, and clothing sizes – all while feeling healthier and increasing their energy and happiness levels. So what’s the secret?

Not everyone gains weight simply because they eat too much or don’t exercise enough. Often, there’s a medical or physiological reason for gaining weight. So we’re here to help figure that out – whether you have an undetected hormone imbalance or a chronic condition.

A true medical weight loss program uncovers the real cause of your weight gain. And it’s the only natural way to lose weight. Plus, by incorporating healthy habits for your needs and lifestyle, you can discover a lifetime of better health and happiness.



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